About Us

Karun Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. was founded by a number of expert and experienced engineers. As engineering and commercial and EPC general contractor, this company performs TURNKEY projects of power transmission lines and high-voltage substations (up to 420 kV) with the help of its subsidiary companies in different countries. With years of hard efforts and experiences over engineering, design, procurement, construction, civil works, installation, test and commissioning and financing, Karun energy has tried hard to be active in the following fields with the cooperation of its overseas affiliates:

  • EPC contractor of AIS and GIS high-voltage substations up to 420 kV at the present time and up to 800 kV in the near future
  • EPC contractor of electrical instrumentation and control systems of power plants
  • EPC contractor of electrical, control and instrumentation systems of oil, gas, petrochemical industries and railways
  • EPC contractor of power transmission lines up to 420 kV at the present time and up to 800 kV in the near future
  • EPC contractor of AMR and AMI systems (smart network for water, power and gas meters)
  • EPC contractor of projects related to renewable energies (wind and solar energies, etc.)
  • Manufacturing various types of electrical panels for high-voltage substations and industries
  • Designing and Manufacturing various types of event and fault recorders
  • Engineering, Supply ,Repair and maintenance of distribution/ power transformers and reactors up to 420 kv
  • Export and import of electrical equipments and services

The annual turnover of Karun Energy Company within last two years was approximately 35 Million USD.


To become the most trusted leader in our field through implementing innovative technologies centering on power engineering industry and constantly endeavoring to serve the needs of our customers.


Being a professional service organization, we are dedicated to provide highly qualified and experienced Engineers, Technicians and other commercial and administrative staff to meet the requirement of our clients. Currently we have all in all more than 200 employees deployed in Karun Energy and our subsidiary companies both in Turkey and other countries and skillful managers leading different departments including:

  • Executive
  • Engineering and Design
  • Tendering and contracts
  • Commercial and Procurement
  • Financial
  • Information Technology (IT) and planning
  • Overseas projects